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Water Ripples

We have a calling, a mission, a passion for helping people discover the very things that have bettered our own lives. Our goal is to create a space for healing and stress management through experiences that are both hard and restorative. We adhere to the principals of using stress to fight stress. In other words, do hard things, get out of your comfort zone, experience discomfort in safe situations that create the building blocks for living well. Good, short-lived stress, called Eustress is beneficial in learning to control your response to all stressors. Purposeful, self induced stressors include cold (immersions, weather), hot (sauna, sweat lodge, hot yoga), Breathwork, Movement (through nature, functional movement, resistance training), fasting, and other modalities for building a resistance to stress and pain. Putting your body through purposeful stress rewires your brain to crave the things that it once feared and therefore, you are more prepared to face any hard situation that you encounter in the future.  

We are creating a community of people that want more. They don't want to just be alive, they want to thrive. Together, through these curated experiencers of both discomfort and healing, we build a community in a pressure cooker. Here, we uplift each other in love and kindness, and explore modalities that we prescribe ourselves on a habitual level and come out of each interaction and experience a little more connected and enlightened. The ripple effect the right people can have on your life is profound. 

Each experience is designed with the intention of giving people the tools to move forward in a new, healthier way that will carry over into their communities and their families. 

Pillars of Health

 In the hierarchy of what your body needs and wellness interventions, these are the foundational principals for optimizing your physical and mental well being.

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Your body is your temple. Taking care of your physical self first is key to strong mental health. Exercise is the most important tool we have for living and extending a quality life. It is the first thing I would prescribe anyone struggling with their mental health. Exercise is the most necessary component for creating a balanced, thriving life.

Daily movement = Longer life/quality life. 

To live a longer, happier, healthier life we adhere to the following prescription for movement: 

1. Move often, move intentionally, outside if possible.

2. Functional, varied movements at varied and high intensity.

3. Get a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise (variance).

4. High instensity workouts

5. Lift heavy, lift often, lift safely

Cooking Eggs



Along with exercise, diet is of the highest importance in creating a balanced body and mind.


Our program focuses on whole, unprocessed, local, organic foods. Our chefs design each menu to fuel our bodies and balance our hormones during this intense process.

We utilize a diet consisting of regeneratively farmed and responsibly sourced protein sources, healthy fats, colorful plants, and devoid of sugar and processed garbage foods.  


*We are not plant based but are happy to accommodate any vegans or food allergies.


Nutrition is the science of feeding your body in a way that promotes optimal health, the way the body uses the food you give it. 

Diet is evidence based habit formation. Instinctual, intuitive fueling. Through habitual dietary changes, you reteach your brain what your body is truly asking for. 

Our Dietetics/gut health expert and our chef/nutrition coach will walk you through the very fundamental ways we can transform our diets for optimizing each nutrient for the lifestyle and wellness we desire. 


Fasting promotes autophagy, a beneficial cellular response and turn over and optimization of the body's hormonal response of cortisol which helps you wake up and function properly. Fasting is one of there simplest ways of giving your body the opportunity to rebuild and recover as well as put it through some purposeful stress. Fasting requires your brain to boost neuronal plasticity, allowing you to change and grow and allows the growth of new neurons. In other words, just by fasting you are growing as an individual. 
*while we are not doctors and cannot recommend any particular diet or fast, we personally prescribe to methodical fasting for optimal health. 





The broad definition of all of the wonderfully healing things found right outside your front door.  Nature, and that therein awakens your spirit and serves up a myriad of rewards in both body and mind. 

We spend the great deal of our experiences outdoors, adventuring, exploring, navigating our world.

These are among just a few of the beneficial wellness modalities we utilize in our Evolve Experiences;

Cold immersion or plunges, sunlight in your eyes and on your body, fresh air, immersive and intensive hikes, functional movement and connectivity.  Connecting with the earth promotes stress relief, better sleep, sharper mind, and happier dispositions.

Our experiences are dynamically engrained in nature. 




The Spirit is often the most neglected area of our fitness journey. Spirit, is a measurable part of your physical self. The spirit is only fit when it is utilized, observed, exercised.

Meditation and breath are proven ways of connecting with your spirit in a physical way. It is crucial in stress management to practice mindful breaks, or fasts of the world around you with meditation. 



The first and last action of your life. The one thing you are truly unaware of until you lose it. Connecting to breath is crucial for inner peace, athletic stamina, quality sleep, stress management, pain maintenance, and a beneficial tool for combatting mental disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and panic. It is also plays a critical role in how we decompress and let go. 

There is empirical evidence that indicates people that meditate and practice Breathwork live longer, happier lives and are more able to face stressful situations.

Intention, openness, gratitude, self regulation of emotion,  manifestation, consciousness all come from the ability to let go while remaining present through these practices.  

We include multiple breathwork practices and guided meditative experiences in each day's events. 

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Surrounding yourself with like minded people on the same path to health is necessary in the success of your journey.  

Our experiences are immersive community endeavors with spiritual exploration and happiness at the forefront. We break bread, enjoy the company of our new friends, and go through this journey together. 

Our hope is that you take what you learn from this experience and spread it through your own community.




What is stress? 

Stress can be:

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional 

  • Nutritional

  • Existential

How do we use stress to fight stress? 

  • Get Up, move your body. Exercise wards off chronic disease, balances hormones, and impacts our mental health more than anything else. Get a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. 

  • Cycle Cold and Hot resistance with Cold Immersion and extreme heat (sauna)

  • Fasting/intermittent fasting

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Sunlight exposure 

  • Community support/Family 

Stress Management = Fitness

Fitness < Wellness

What is fitness? 

  • True fitness is a compromise.

  • Fitness is empirical, identifiable, and neurological. It can be measured in mind, body, and spirit.

  • Fitness is the hedge against illness.

  • True health is fitness throughout life and maintaining a routine for a life well lived. 

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