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Our wellness adventures take you in to nature to experience perceived purposeful stressors; encompassing the power of cold immersion, breath, heavy exertion in nature, and heat. We take a balanced approach to our wellness experiences, offering contrast in each modality; cold immersion with hot springs, cold exposure hikes followed by hot restorative yoga, fasting most of the day and ending with a feast of delicious food from local farms and foraging. We practice Wim Hoff Method cold immersion and breath work with certified instructors, Hot springs soaking, Restorative Yoga, Outdoor adventures and functional movement instruction, artfully crafted foraged cocktails, curated locally sourced meals by private chefs, Cacao Ceremonies, Live music, sound healing and DJs.


Our certified Wim Hoff instructors offer instruction of cold and breath in the Wim Hoff method as well as movement, and meditative nature practices. All of our cold immersion practices will be followed by a contrasting hot therapeutic response in ether hot springs, sauna, or bon fire and movement. 



When we are not adventuring or moving, we will be moving through gentler, more restorative spritual practices with our fantastic healers. We will take you through Breathwork, yoga and guided meditation. These are things that can be practiced daily for connectivity of the heart and mind. 


Contrasting Hot and Cold therapies offer vast benefits to the vascular system, contracting and optimizing blood flow and flushing out cellular toxins. It also creates a beautiful structure in our practice of pain threshholds and creates a space for us to share in both comfort and discomfort as a community. The natural healing waters of our local hot springs, located offer stunning views of granite spires, snow capped hills and trees. The springs are magical and relaxing. 

*No facilities available. Bring water shoes, extra socks, extra clothes, and an open heart. Be mindful you will have to cross back across the cold river after your soak. 

Outdoor Yoga Pose


Both rigorous vinyasa and gentle flows will be taught by our very talented local instructors. Both encompassing the most incredible energy. They approach each sessions with compassion and the intention to move our bodies, trust our bodies, and share in a space of divine love and wisdom. 


Cacao is heart opening and is a super food containing many beneficial effects on the body and soul. Jessa at Amrita lovingly prepares homemade cacao with local wildflowers, homemade nut milks, and gold flakes. Each day we set our intentions and break our fast with warming cacao. 



The only way in and out of Granite Creek in the winter is on snowmobiles. We will take double occupancy sleds 10 miles into the waterfall from the trailhead. If you have your own snowmobile, please let us know and we can arrange a different fee. 


Our chefs are world travelers, private chefs, nutrition coaches, and all around fitness gurus. Their knowledge of the science behind each ingredient of his beautifully curated dishes makes each meal a thoughtful fueling process for the work we are doing together. Utilizing organic local ingredients, you well be fed in a unique and mindful manner that promotes health and community. 

* Not Available for A La Carte experiences unless otherwise noted

Image by Madie Hamilton
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Fair trade organic coffees, Herbal loose leaf teas, juices, infused waters, artisan foraged cocktails, local spirits, beautiful cocktails, wine pairings, and more by Amrita. 


Our wilderness enthusiasts and back country guides  will lead you on cold exposure uphill hikes, back country ski tours, and alpine lake swims through nature in our beautiful landscape and take you out of your comfort zone, out in the elements, in nature in very few clothes. You will be cold, you will sweat, you will overcome! The benefits are far reaching. 

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